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1982 Chinese Zodiac - Water Dog


 1982 Chinese Zodiac - Water Dog

1982 Chinese Zodiac - Water Dog What kind of dog was born in the 1982 Chinese Zodiac? According to the Chinese zodiac, 1982 is the year of the Dog, and it belongs to Water based on the Chinese Five Elements. So people born in 1982 are Water Dogs.

What kind of dog was born in the 1982 Chinese zodiac?

According to the Chinese zodiac, 1982 is the year of the Dog, and it belongs to Water based on the Chinese Five Elements. So people born in 1982 are Water Dogs.

The Chinese calendar follows the lunar calendar, different from the Gregorian calendar. In the Gregorian calendar, people born from January 25, 1982 to February 12, 1983 are Water Dogs, those born January 1 to 24 in 1982 are Metal Rooster.


Lucky Signs for 1982 Water Dog

 Lucky numbers: 1, 6

 Lucky colors: black, dark green


2020 Horoscope for a water dog born in 1982

2020 is a smooth year for people born in 1982. When making decisions, it is best not to keep pace with development. Moreover, Water Dogs will advance in career only by following their heart and sticking to the principle.

For Water Dogs, the sustainability of their careers in 2020 needs their skillful handling of interpersonal relationships. Those involved in finance and banking should communicate with business partners in a timely manner and seek agreement on important issues. They may be upgraded in January or April. For those who want to change a job, from October to December is the right time. But before submitting the resignation, they should have a clear understanding of personal goals. Additionally, Water Dogs in the service industry will receive a job promotion at the end of 2020.

People born in 1982 do not have much luck in 2020. From March to September, they should avoid investing money in unfamiliar areas. Also, systematic financial knowledge must be gained in 2020, which is very helpful in wealth management.

Water Dogs, male and female, will easily start a new relationship in 2020. But don't forget to distinguish one's true purpose for the other. For female Water Dogs, keep in mind that maintaining a relationship doesn't mean blindly pleasing others, and it's even more important to be yourself.

In 2020, Water Dogs should be wary of liver disease. Eye strain can be another problem, followed by a high degree of myopia. Chrysanthemum tea can relieve symptoms in one way or another.


2021 Horoscope for Water Dog Born in 1982

2021 is a challenging year for people born in 1982. Due to the turbulent market environment, dog workers may receive a pay cut or, much worse, layoffs. It is obvious that it is difficult for them to save money in 2021. So it is better for them to live a simple life and lower their expectations of accumulating wealth.

As said in Forecasting Dog's Wealth in 2021, Water Dogs may have a hard time adopting wage cuts or layoffs to reduce operating cost. Whatever temporary dog ​​workers are facing, they do not need to doubt themselves but carry on with their duties and be optimistic. As long as they can get through this difficult period, their boss will think of them in the short future.

Because of the meager income from the main job, some Water Dogs will start on the sidelines to improve their fortune. Despite the fact that they put in a lot of time and energy, they are unlikely to earn as much as they expect. Their misfortune in investing or financial products also prevents them from generating additional income.

However, Dog Fortune in 2021 also shows positive signs for people born in 1982. Thanks to their reduced workload, some Water Dogs have time to plan their wedding with the perfect match. As for the married, they may have their first child this year and start playing a new role in their lives.

In 2021, sociable Water Dogs should not eat a lot of fatty foods or alcohol, as people in this age group are more likely to have a fatty liver. Also, those who have to stand or sit for a long time during weekdays need to do some exercises to prevent spine problems.


Character Traits of the Chinese Water Dog in 1982

People born in 1982 from the Dog have a firm will. They are conscientious and cautious in work, they are strict with themselves. At the same time, they are very loyal to their friends and family. Being compassionate, they always help those in need. They are serious and responsible in doing things and have a long-term vision.

But the Water Dog is selfish and sometimes selfish. They are very stubborn and do not like to accept opinions and suggestions from others, they do not know how to be flexible. In addition, their temperament is unstable and irritable.

career path career path

The occupational wealth of people with the Chinese zodiac dog born in 1982 is relatively perfect and shows an upward trend as a whole. For office workers, although there are some trivial problems, their work will not be affected much. As long as they are patient with each task, they will eventually achieve great results. Moreover, they must maintain a positive attitude when facing difficulties.

Entrepreneurs will have a good development too. If they are willing to listen to the opinions of employees and other people, their organization will develop better.



Canine people have good fortune in wealth. They can get a good salary through hard work. In addition, they will get help from other people in the middle of the yearfor a lifetime, which helps them a lot in accumulating their wealth. They are also very good at financial management. Their long-term vision will enable them to get good returns on their investments. But it is better that they get rid of the bad habit of spending money irrationally.


love and relationships

1982 The Water Dog has a good love fortune. They are loyal to their spouse and have a strong sense of responsibility. But do not neglect their beloved only because of the busy work, and do not be too emotional when there is a conflict. They should learn better to communicate with their spouses to solve the problem together.


the health

They have a relatively small fortune in health throughout their lives. In daily life, it is better not to engage in dangerous activities to avoid accidents. In addition, they need to set reasonable schedules and not stay up late. They also need to learn how to release pressure. More contact with nature helps health and adjust their state of mind.

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