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1985 Chinese Zodiac - Wood Ox


 1985 Chinese Zodiac - Wood Ox

What kind of bull is born in the year 1985 Chinese zodiac?

Born in 1985, what will the year 2021 be like for the Chinese zodiac?

wooden bull

Based on the Chinese Five Elements, 1985 belongs to the Year of Wood. According to the Chinese zodiac, 1985 is the year of the bull. Therefore, people born in the Chinese calendar 1985, specifically from February 20, 1985 to February 8, 1986 in the Gregorian calendar is Wood Ox; Those people born from January 1 to February 19 in 1985 belong to the previous Wood Rat year.

Lucky Signs for 1985 Wood Bull Lucky Numbers: 1, 4, 7, 8

 Lucky colors: blue, yellow, orange

2020 Taurus, born 1985

In 2020, the fortune of a Taurus born in 1985 is generally not bad. Their job luck is good as their job becomes stable. But their luck in health would be a bit unsatisfactory.

There may be many challenges and pressures from colleagues and peers in their work, but the other side of the challenge is opportunity. If they handle it well, they are more likely to get a promotion with the help of their predecessors.

Thus, they may achieve the peak of their career.

As for wealth, they may get their wealth from stable work. And they may have some additional income with the bonus, sweepstakes, or winnings. They must learn to save money, otherwise there will be no additional salary expected.

Their love and luck in a relationship show two very different directions. They may separate from their lovers or marry if they have a plan to get married. A lone bull is suggested to bravely chase after those they love. They should be more concerned with their family members, too.

In terms of health, they may have problems with their body, but fortunately they can recover soon. They may neglect their health under the pressure of work and life. They should maintain a healthy diet and exercise properly to strengthen their immune system.

2021 Taurus, born 1985

 Career development in 2021 will be positive. No matter what industry they work in, they can always get what they want and get great job satisfaction. For those people who want to change jobs, they will find a job that is more suitable for their development. Due to outstanding abilities, they can quickly adapt to the new work environment and achieve good results.

In 2021, they can achieve some success as long as they can work harder. If nothing goes wrong, they will get a promotion and a salary increase in the second half of the year.

Compared to last year, their fortune luck would be fine. Although there are many opportunities on the financial side, they need to catch up in time. In 2021, they don't need to be frugal in terms of spending.

Instead, they can reward themselves appropriately, such as buying some nice clothes and making a nice hairstyle.

This can make people in Taurus have a better working condition. However, they should pay more attention to investment. Try not to get involved in unfamiliar investment projects. Even the best of friends should be carefully screened to avoid falling into the investment trap.

Based on the Wood Taurus fortune predictions in 2021, the love life situation will be great. The relationship with family members will be relatively harmonious with fewer conflicts. However, some of them are suggested to keep as much distance as possible when getting along with the opposite sex. Don't call too much. Trying to avoid emotional conflicts in 2021 is important. In ordinary life, they should show enough care and patience to lovers, so that the relationship can develop well.

The health wealth of Taurus children born in 1985 will not be very optimistic in 2021. Resistance will decrease and some of them are susceptible to certain diseases. But do not worry too much because they are all relatively minor diseases and will not cause much harm to health. Taurus must control their emotions in normal times. They do not easily conflict with others in public in order to avoid causing unnecessary harm to themselves.

1985 Chinese Zodiac Wood Ox Character Traits

The Ox of the Chinese zodiac is kind-hearted and can selflessly help his friends. They are patient and tireless, and do their best to achieve their goals. The wood ox is self-sufficient and does not like to help others. They are full of confidence and courage, so they can always keep their cool in crises.

But she can be too strong and powerful to get along with others. It is easy for them to argue with others about trivial things. And they are very careless. If they want to make everything go smoothly, they should be careful enough.

career path career path

The 1985 Wood Ox career fortune isn't very good. For office workers, it can be difficult to survive in the workplace due to personal problems at the initial stage. And their talents may remain unrecognized for many years. For entrepreneurs, although there are no great difficulties, their business may develop slowly. It is suggested to attend more business parties and make friends with people from all walks of life.


The Wood Ox enjoyed a great deal of wealth during their lifetime. Although their career is developing slowly, their income is steady, so they don't have worries and stress about food and clothes. And in their spare time, due to the unique investment horizon, they can get rich earnings. But they must learn to avoid investment risks to earn more money.

love and relationships

The Chinese zodiac bull has good luck in love. When they were single, there were a lot of fans around. They may get married after some relationships. After marriage, they can get along with their partners and live happily. But after middle age, they may be tempted by some of the opposite sex, when they think of their lovers and their children and have no relationshipT.

the health

The health of the 1985 Chinese wood ox is very good. There is little chance of suffering from accidental injuries and sudden illness. But they must develop healthy habits and good health habits to keep themselves from the virus, such as going to bed early and getting up early, getting more exercise, and quitting smoking and drinking. Drivers must abide by traffic rules to ensure driving safety.

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