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The meaning of the dream with bees


 The meaning of the dream with bees

What does it mean to dream about bees or dream that bees sting us?

Dreaming of bees has many meanings and it will depend on the context.

To dream of bees, which are in their natural environment, flying freely, denotes abundance, productivity, and social life. happiness in your life. success in love. good earnings.

A dream about a bee perched on a flower quietly eating its nectar, announces the arrival of a new and romantic love.

If you dreamed of extracting honey from a beehive, then this portends large inflows of money, but in an illegal way.

If you dream that you are stung by a bee or you are startled by a beehive, which is fluttering over you strongly, then this is a bad omen, it means troubles, setbacks, betrayal, fights and health problems ... But if you attack them by them if you manage to kill them, then this means that great successes come for you.

If you dream that you have a bee hovering over your head, this is positive, because it means that you will be able to occupy a high position in your company.

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If you dream that you kill a bee, then this is also a bad omen, it means that you will get rid of an enemy after a hard battle.

If you see a queen bee in your dream, this will be a good omen for a calm life, without any problems, with luck in business or in business, and in a good financial position. This also means that you will get along with your children. You can announce the arrival of the baby.

A dream about a calm cell, working and not nervous, means abundance and luck in business. If some bees make their hive on their farm, it will be a declaration of wealth, business success, luck, abundance...

If you dream that bees are hovering over an abandoned plot of land, this means that some of you occupy it, and they will make it your home.

If you dream that you are being attacked by a swarm of very angry bees, this means that you will break off the partnership, which binds you to your partners, after multiple problems and battles.