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Dream Of Sweets Meaning


Did you see sweets in your dream today? Do you keep seeing the dream of sweets often and trying to know its meaning?

If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. We have provided you the best possible meaning of dreaming about sweets here. Believe that you are guided here to understand about sweets in your dreams.

Sweets are a delicious food with sugar as the main ingredient in it and often mixed with milk. Sweets are made in different shapes and sizes, eaten with tea, coffee, after meals, and sometimes casually.

Sweets are believed to have originated in India, where hundreds of varieties of sweets are available. In India, a party, marriage ceremony, and other occasions can’t be imagined without having sweets in the dessert.

Another interesting fact about sweets is that they are made with honey before sugar was invented, covering fruits and flowers with it.

Dream Of Sweets Meaning

Seeing the dreams of sweets can signify the desire for something great that you wish secretly. It can mean that you crave achievements, accepted and recognized by others.

Sweets can provide us sugar that is needed in our body which is essential for us. And some amount of added sugar can make us feel good and help our minds to thrive.

But when we take more amount of sugar through sweets, it may become poison for us. It is bad when eating sweets become an addiction.

It wants to tell you that too much of anything is bad in your life, and you should live a limited life and balance everything perfectly.

Sweets are comforting food in a limited amount, so dreaming about it could tell you about things related to self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love.

It may indicate to us our next mission in life and coming success that was pending till now. Sweets may be the sign of prosperity and happiness you have or are about to achieve in life.

Nevertheless, seeing dreams about sweets can have both positive and negative meanings in your life depending upon the nature or details of the dream.

Dreaming about sweets may represent your loved ones and how much you care about them.

It cares to develop your personality and personal traits that will improve your life and make it fruitful.

You have to listen carefully to your heart and soul to understand and know the meaning of each dream you see while sleeping.

Eating Sweets In Dream: Symbolism

Eating sweets in a dream are usually related to joy and happiness and a childish attitude towards life.

Sweets in dreams, even if you were only looking at them, are a sign of some special treats you desire or something you had and enjoyed very much, and you desire to possess again. The sweets in your dream are a sign of that need.

Dreams about sweets, especially eating sweets, often indicate forbidden desires and pleasures we want but know we must refrain from.

Sweets symbolize things we know are not good for us but are still very tempting and alluring. Often they represent intimate pleasures that we know we should resist.

Sometimes a dream about sweets and eating sweets can signify wasted time on things that are not important for our lives. This dream often reveals some hidden issues you are trying to suppress or hide from others, and even yourself.  Maybe you need to compensate for some other needs with sweets or food.

Dreams about eating sweets are often a sign of our satisfaction with our current life circumstances. You probably have everything you desire, and you are financially situated and secured.

Most likely, you are in a position to afford whatever you desire. This dream often reflects the peace and stability in your everyday life.

Dreams about eating sweets usually indicate that you are a person who is loved and appreciated by the people from their surroundings, and it describes your giving and caring nature.

In some cases, this dream indicates the opposite and describes you as a jealous and possessive person who doesn’t want to share anything but keeps everything selfishly to themselves.

If that is the case, a dream about eating sweets could signify that you need to be more generous and share your blessings with the people around you. Sometimes this dream indicates someone’s desire to take advantage of you.

The dream should be deciphered by using all the details of the dream and the overall feeling you had during the dream. This is essential to determine whether the dream has a predominantly good or bad meaning.

Eating Sweets in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Dream Of Eating Sweets:

If you dream about eating sweets, it can bring good fortune to you because you will get a piece of good news and/or achieve success in your desired work.

You have worked hard and craving success and rewards till now. The sweets in dreams are the fruits of your hard works and determination, which you will receive in no time.

But if you have seen that you have overeaten the sweets in your dreams and feels bad about it, then it is a thing of concern.

It may reveal that you are doing something wrong in your life, and you don’t control it. We can say that you are addicted to this wrong thing and ashamed of it, but you are incapable.

This can symbolize your inability to control your bad habits like drinking, doing drugs, overeating, gambling, bad relationships, etc. You know that you are harming your health, and it isn’t good for you to continue, but you can’t help.

If this is the situation in your life, then seek help without any delay. This is not a matter of shame or condemnation.

Distributing Sweets In Dreams:

If you have seen the dream about distributing sweets, then it may bring you good luck. It is like your dreams coming true!

Be prepared to hear some good news regarding your material and personal things.

In the material field, you may get a promotion, get the desired job, get success in a project, and have money flowing to your account, or you may even win a lottery.

When we talk about personal well being the main thing that comes under is your love life. Seeing the distribution of sweets or sharing sweets with someone may indicate that you will find the person of your life.

It may tell you about further bondage, intimacy, and the next level if you have already found your soul mate.

Buying Sweets In Dream Mean:

When you buy sweets in a dream, it may mean that you are in an unfortunate situation; it is an alert for weakness, difficulty, negativity surrounding, and degradation.

You are probably a blind believer when it comes to other people. Someone has deceit you and took advantage of you. This is a sign for you to learn a bitter lesson and implement it the next time such a situation arises.

Buying sweets means that you need to go through your heart and soul to unveil what is really inside it. Your subconscious mind has the ocean of knowledge and wisdom, which you really need to understand.

You may be facing problems in your relationships, work, or home environment. It is a time of irritation and annoyance which brings you bad feelings and grief.

Buying Sweets can remind you that you are emotionally unstable and going through problems and stresses in life. This dream may mean that you cannot confront some issues and problems and try to bury them in your mind without getting success.

Eating Sweets In Dream During Pregnancy

When you eat sweets in your dream during pregnancy, it is a sign that brings good news.

You are going to get through pregnancy smoothly, so no need to take tension and worry. It implies that you are taking too much stress, and it is getting over you.

Eating sweets means that you are too much cautious or worried about the outcoming of your pregnancy.

You have to understand that worries and stress will further deteriorate your own health and as well as your child.

It is a message to stop worrying and to start living by happiness and joy. Rest assured that God will definitely look after your problems.

Making Sweets In Dream Meaning

Making sweets in a dream meaning that you are about to get a piece of good news. It is good luck and brings fortune to you.

Preparing or making sweets in a dream means that you have done the hard work with determination and the Lord has listened to your prayers.

It is time that all of your wishes and desires will come true one by one as the Lord is very pleased with you.

Put positive thoughts and take an optimistic view in your life that everything happens for good and because of the will of the Lord.

This dream of making sweets also urges you to keep a generous attitude towards others and share your fortune with others. You have to work as a soul worker or torch-bearer for others with your compassionate help.

Dream About Eating Sweets Too Much:

If you have dreamt about eating too many sweets at once and you had to throw up, or a very uncomfortable feeling, then pay attention.

It is a message that you have to open up your life to new challenges and beginnings. It is time that you take risks in your life and accept adversities.

Eating too many sweets is really harmful to your health. So, not taking risks and playing safe can harm your progress and dreams.

Eating too many sweets and feeling sick in your dreams can symbolize that you have to live a more adventurous life and set foot on the hidden world of a treasure hunt.

Dream Of Eating Sweets From A Box

If you have dreamed about eating sweets opening a box, then it is a good sign. A secret is unveiling before you, which will bring joy and happiness to your life.

The Universe may present a unique opportunity for you to succeed in your life. It means that your goals and desires are opening up for you one by one.

Dream Of Eating Sweets With Someone Special:

If you dreamed about eating sweets with someone, then it means true love and a relationship.

If you have been searching for your life partner, then it is time that you will get them. You are going to meet your true love, and it is a golden opportunity to convince them.

Having a relationship already is another important factor in this dream as it is a sign that you will go to the next level. You will decide to finally get married or planning to have a child or two.

So, sharing sweets with someone special may also have negative effects on your relationships. It may refer that you have to pay attention to your relationship and give time and trust to each other.

Love is a mutual affair, and you have to give true love and care to your other half to receive the same.

Dream Of Eating Sweets From Someone Else:

If you have received and eaten sweets from someone, it is a sign that you may get betrayed.

It is a dream that is making you cautious about mistreatment by someone. You may be surprised how it comes and can shatter your belief in others.

But keep in mind that not all people are the same and there are lots of good people in this world.

Take your time before you conclude about someone else character. They may be used by someone else to misbehave or bully you.

But you have to learn from your lessons and never repeat your mistakes. This way, you can avoid committing the same mistakes and become successful a lot quicker.


To be concluded, we can say that dreaming of eating sweets in your dreams has both good and bad effects on our lives depending upon the nature or details of your dream.

You have to thank Lord for allowing you to dream and receive messages from him and your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is the most powerful thing that runs you even without your acknowledgment.

A regular Meditation and Prayer can unlock your doors to the subconscious mind, or you can modify your subconscious mind to create and replicate positive thoughts and results.