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How do women seduce?


"If a definite answer was given to the question of how to seduce women, men would be spared a great deal of trouble. We thought we would help them in this regard, and we listed the seductive reasons one by one..."

The most familiar answers

Of love and care. It warms my heart when you smile at me.

Because the atmosphere is erotic.

Just out of curiosity.

My soul wanted sex.

I was fascinated by your eroticism in a movie.

Because he has charm and humor.

Because I desire it.

Because her voice is so sexy.

Because I long for intimacy and affection.

To show that I love him.

Because he's so smart.

The environment demanded it.

The excuses of those who love sex are also ready

The romance of the moment.

For always being sweet to me afterward.

The pleasure of seduction.

Because mine is the most amazing man in the world.

Because I want to surrender myself completely.

Because sex is healthy.

Because I'm in love with him and he's serious with me.

Because the smell of your Aftershave seduces me.

I couldn't just send him home.

Because this is my duty.

Those who pity the man in front of them

He's been very busy.

To be able to connect him to me more.

Because he said I was very beautiful.

Because I feel lonely and abandoned.

Because I want to be a mother.

Because he's a sought after, influential person.

Because I need a man again. It didn't matter who it was.

For inviting me to dinner. Isn't sex part of that?

Because I haven't had sex in months.

I wanted to prove to myself that I could get what I wanted.

Because it's my duty.

Because I want to know if niggas are good lovers as they say.

To increase my self-confidence.

Because it's harder to explain why I don't want it.

For pitying him.

I wanted revenge for my husband cheating on me.

Habit but did not give pleasure.

So that he doesn't suffocate.

There are also surprising reasons.

This time I really did it as my jealous husband always accused me of cheating on him.

For forcing me to have sex.

To have power and authority over him.

Because I'm drunk.

To help me build my career.

To impress my friends.

Because he has endless money.

Because that's how things unfolded.

So that it doesn't whine all the time.