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Find the reason to get up at night! ...A doctor reveals the most dangerous sleeping positions


Alexander Melnikov, a specialist in the European Society for Sleep Research, said that waking up at night is considered normal in many cases, but sometimes it indicates that this person suffers from insomnia.

The doctor stressed the need to pay attention in the first place to the frequency of awakening during sleep, as well as to focus on the duration of this awakening.

The expert stressed that "the habit of frequent and short awakenings in the night is normal. The second important thing is, is the return to sleep quickly after that. If not, this is a sign of insomnia."

Melnikov advised, the need to pay attention to the reason for waking up, and whether one feels comfortable in the morning after getting out of bed.

If not, then the cause must be sought. There may be many causes for this sleep disorder, and a medical professional can help discover and identify them.

Yelena Tsareva, a specialist in neurology and sleep sciences, warned that the incorrect position during sleep can cause discomfort and in the long run contribute to serious diseases.

She noted that people often sleep in the same position, but sometimes this may harm their health. For example, sleeping in the side position is the most beneficial from a medical point of view, but the pressure on the left side of the body can negatively affect the condition of a person with heart disease, so it is better for him to sleep on his right side.

The doctor added: “Lying on the side is physiologically better and should be preferred during sleep. During sleep in this position, the process of eliminating metabolic products takes place more quickly. In principle, you can sleep on the left side and on the right side, the rib cage protects more quickly. Equal on both sides. But sleeping on the left side is not recommended for those who have problems with the heart, for example from heart failure and lungs."

It is not permissible to sleep on the back on the part of those who suffer from a receding tongue, which causes temporary pauses in breathing during sleep, which may be manifested in snoring.

The doctor stressed that sleeping on the stomach is the most harmful to health, because it may cause problems in the spine. When sleeping like this, some muscles are tight and some are overextended, and this can lead to neck and head pain in the morning. The most dangerous thing about the matter is that the habit of sleeping on the stomach can disrupt metabolic processes and provoke the development of Alzheimer's disease

Source: RIA Novosti