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Top 4 nail polish colors of 2022


When it comes to the beauty world, 2021 will be the year nails dominate. Over the past year, we've been quite experimental with our nails. From multiple nail polish colors to quirky designs and false nails, we've watched many manicure trends rise. So, which nail polish colors stand out in 2022? Here are the most trendy nail polish colors of 2022!

sun shades

According to Pantone, in 2022, colors that bring us joy will come to the fore. Gold, bronze, amber and marigolds were in abundance in the collections of many designers this year. It will also be a very assertive and heartwarming choice on nails.

Photo: @betina_goldstein, @paintboxnails

neutral tones

In stark contrast to the maximalist nail designs prevailing in 2021, the new year is marked by sheer, sheer and timeless neutrals. Clean cuticles, fresh skin and a thin transparent nude layer that complements your skin tone will be indispensable in 2022.

Photo: @harrietwestmoreland, @aysha.sow

All shades of blue

Electric cobalt blues seem to mark the summer. Rich and deep blues are the colors of winter.

Photo: @heartzeena, @harrietwestmoreland

glitter nail polishes

Don't give up on your glitter nail polishes after the New Year, because glittery tones will be one of the biggest nail polish trends of 2022.

Photo: @overglowedit, @betina_goldstein