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Whoever saw in a dream fasting and breakfast


 Fasting and breaking the fast

  Professor Abu Saeed, may God be pleased with him, said: It was said that whoever dreamed that he was in the month of fasting, his dream indicated the high price and the narrowness of food, and it was said that this dream indicates the correctness of the religion of the dreamer, the exit from the grief, the recovery from diseases and the settlement of debts.

And if he sees that he has fasted the month of Ramadan until he breaks his fast, then if he is in doubt, the statement will come to him because of the Almighty’s saying, “A guidance for the people and clear proofs.” The owner of the vision was illiterate memorize the Qur'an.

And if he sees that he broke the fast in the month of Ramadan deliberately and denial, then he is disregarding some of the laws.

And if he dreams that he acknowledges the reality of fasting and desires to spend it, then it is a provision that will come to him sooner than he expected. . It was said that whoever sees that he intentionally breaks his fast in the month of Ramadan, then he will intentionally kill a man.

 And whoever sees that he intentionally killed a believer, then he breaks his fast in the month of Ramadan on purpose.

 Whoever dreams that he has fasted for two consecutive months as an expiation, then he is repenting of the sin he is in.

 Whoever dreams that he spends Ramadan fasting after the month ends, he will get sick.

 And whoever dreams that he fasted voluntarily, he did not get sick that year, when it was narrated in the report: “Fast, you will wake up.”

 It is seen as if he was fasting forever, it avoids sins.

 Whoever dreams that he is fasting for other than God Almighty, but rather to show off and gain a reputation, then he will not find what he is asking for.

And if a person sees that he has broken his fast, then he is backbiting a person or becoming seriously ill.

 And whoever dreams that he is fasting and does not know whether he should perform an act of worship or a supererogatory act, then he has to make up a vow because of the words of God Almighty, “I have vowed to the Most Merciful a fast, and I will not speak to anyone today.” Silence may be required because the origin of fasting is silence.

 And whoever dreams that it is on a feast day, then he will be relieved of worries and happiness and ease will return to him.