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How to make smokey eye makeup? Step-by-step smokey eye makeup tips for beginners



Smokey eye makeup, which can be used on special occasions, evening parties and even in everyday life, attracts attention among women.

For those who are wondering how to do smokey eye makeup, which is the shortest way to get mysterious eyes, here are step-by-step smokey eye makeup tips for beginners…

Perfecting a light or dramatic cloudy eye is indispensable for both everyday makeup lovers and professionals. While smoky eye makeup, which works everywhere from the red carpet to special invitation nights, may seem like something that only professional makeup artists can master, it is very easy to master with our step-by-step application of smoky eye makeup. Below, we're sharing some tips on how to create this classic beauty look.

Ingredients you need for smokey eye makeup

For smoky eye makeup, you must first get the following products from brands you trust.


Eye shadow brush

Soft blending brush

Eye shadow palette (with three matching eyeshadow shades)

gel eyeliner

black mascara

Step by step smokey eye makeup tutorial

Now that you have what you need, let's get started!

1. Fill in your eyelid.

Before applying shadow, it is a good idea to make sure that you have properly prepared your eye area. Otherwise, you may have to deal with fallout from shadow and smudged liner later in the day. To prepare, you can either use an eye shadow primer or a concealer. Both help smooth out your eye area and give your makeup something to stick to.

You can also choose to use a concealer. Place anywhere you plan to use the product. This will soften the eye and create a flawless base for your shadow.

2. Choose your shade and apply it.

After applying your primer or concealer, choose a medium-toned eye shadow to apply as a full shade. For a classic smoky eye, try using a matte shade of brown, gray, navy blue, or green. For something unexpected, play with shimmery shades of purple or red. Smokey eye makeup doesn't always have to be neutral!

Using a flat eye shadow brush, apply eyeshadow shade all over your eyelid, increasing the intensity of the color as you get closer to the middle of the eyelid. (Pro tip: You can also apply this color to your lower lash line to unify your look even more.)

3. Apply by mixing the colors.

Then add dimension to your look by adding color to your curls. Choose a dark, harmonious color that is a shade or two darker than the whole tone. Then use a blending brush to blend the color into the outer corner of the eye. Move toward the center of your eyelid as you blend the shadow in small, circular motions, adding layers to intensify the pigment until you get a smoky blend. Once you have a smooth transition between that color and the overall shade, you're ready to take the next step.

4. Affirmation.

Finally, you'll want to apply a neutral shade one or two shades lighter than your entire color from the eyelid crease to the brow bone. This shading shade will help enhance the look and shine of the gradient effect you are looking for. For an extra glow, highlight the inner corners of your eyes to make you look bright and awake.

Then blend the shadow with the help of a soft brush.

5. Align your eyes.

Put black eye shadow on the eyes before applying eyeliner. This will allow you to like the look before applying liquid or gel liner.

Once you are satisfied with the shape of your line, be sure to apply the gel liner you just created along your upper lash line and lower lash line. Gel eyeliners are great for smoky eye makeup because they can quickly produce a thick black line that can either look too sharp or smudge with a smudge brush. The results can be modified to the look you are looking for.

If you want to go for a slightly smoky eye makeup, you can try using eyeliner instead. If you want a sharp cat eye, a liquid eyeliner is helpful. And remember, you can improve your look by choosing an eyeliner color. Black eyeliner gives you a very smoky and dramatic look, while shades of brown can look more natural and messy.

6. Apply the rest of your makeup and then go back to your mascara.

Instead of using it directly over your mascara, finish off the rest of your makeup and then add your mascara as a final step. You can try going back. In this way, the makeup powder does not penetrate all the eyelashes and make them very black. At the same time, mascara should always be applied to your lower eyelashes before your upper eyelashes. This way, when you look up while applying mascara to the lower lashes, you won't get mascara all over your eyelid.