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Is Having Sex Every Day Harmful or Beneficial?


Especially at the beginning of the relationship, sexual intercourse can continue almost every day. Although the frequency of intercourse decreases as time progresses, this period may become more frequent in some periods. In such cases, couples look for answers to the questions of whether it is harmful or good to have sexual intercourse every day. So what is the truth, how do experts interpret having intercourse every day? Here are the harmful and beneficial aspects of having intercourse every day…

Sexuality is an important factor in keeping the relationship between couples healthy. You can have intercourse almost every day, especially in the first months. But couples wonder if it's good or bad to have intercourse every day. Is the relationship, which is the most important way to keep emotional bonds alive, enter into a relationship every day? Is having intercourse every day harmful or beneficial? Here are the suggestions from the expert…

Is it harmful to have intercourse every day, what are the harms?

Psychiatrist/Psychotherapist Assist. Assoc. Dr. Rıdvan Üney explains the harms of having intercourse every day as follows;

The reluctance of one of the spouses in this regard increases the conflict between them.

Having intercourse every day can limit the couple's social life.

In cases of excessive sexual desire, inappropriate partner relationships may increase. This increases the risk of contracting various sexually transmitted diseases.

Excessive sexual desire of one of the spouses may create the risk of sexual reluctance in the other.

For some couples, it can turn into a problem-solving method. This may delay the resolution of the problem.

It can cause quarrels during a woman's menstrual periods.

People may experience difficulties on days when there is no sexuality.

It can cause fatigue in some people.

Since sex is often experienced at night, it can cause sleep problems from time to time.

Naturally, they may experience sexual problems from time to time. This situation can cause serious disappointment for the couple.

What are the benefits of having intercourse every day?

Having intercourse every day can have some disadvantages as well as benefits for both men and women. Here are the benefits of having intercourse every day…

Every day sex reduces the problem of premature ejaculation in men over time.

In women, daily sex increases the likelihood of orgasm and shortens the time to orgasm.

It increases the couple's emotional interest in each other.

Sex is protective against heart diseases.

Sex strengthens the immune system.

Regular sex prevents the occurrence of migraine problem.

Sex takes a lot of energy. In this way, it can help you maintain your form.

Prolactin, which is the hormone secreted after sex, and oxytocin, which is secreted during sex, increase the relaxation of the body and the level of happiness.

It increases one's resilience to stress. It can deal with problems better.

It reduces menstrual cramps in women.

It increases the feeling of confidence.

It reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Frequent sex reduces anxiety about sexuality.

Increases self-confidence.

It makes your partner perceive you more attractive.

It allows you to talk about sexuality more comfortably with your partner.

It provides a better quality of sleep.

It increases the feeling of compassion.

If there is no problem, sexuality during pregnancy reduces the woman's anxiety about her partner's admiration during pregnancy.

It has positive effects on the general problems of marriage.