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The little details that bind the couples together...


There are many things you can do to make your relationship last long and happy. Here are some suggestions for you...

1- Keep your funny memories alive

Couples who keep laughing in their relationships, couples who don't forget the "good old days" form a healthier and stronger bond. If people can laugh at the same thing, they also care about each other's opinions. Jokes that others don't understand, but only between two people, strengthen the relationship.

2- Exercise with your partner

By playing sports with your partner, you can hit two birds with one stone. You will be more fit and your sex life will be better. 94% of couples who do sports together say that this situation is good for their relationship. You motivate each other and going for a bike ride or a walk together can be exciting.

3- Appreciate each other's achievements

When your spouse achieves success at work, do you smile and tell him that you are proud? Your reactions in exciting situations are just as important as your reactions in a crisis situation. The reactions you give in difficult times actually do not contribute much to your relationship. A celebration with his success will be good for his ego and he will feel good.

4- Ignite romance in bed

One of the surest ways to maintain your romantic relationship is to keep your sex life alive. An active sex life is one of the most important building blocks of your relationship. The more you make love to your partner, the greater your desire.

5- Be fair when there is an argument

Be mindful of your choice of words to argue without damaging your relationship. Researchers say that couples who use plural subjects when arguing express positive emotions and experience less mental stress afterwards. Discussions will be more moderate if we talk about 'us' rather than 'me'.

6- Get closer with his friends

You definitely have mutual friends, but you should respect his friends and establish good relations with them. The closer you have with close friends and family, the happier the couple will be.

7- Allow change

You can't increase the excitement in your relationship by eating at the same place every week. No matter how much you enjoy it, it's good to make a change every once in a while. Be open to changes, like taking a walk, taking a cooking class, or going to an amusement park. Shoot something you haven't done before or recently. New experiences cause dopamine to be released in your brain and increase your enjoyment. When you do it with your partner, the bond between you increases.

8- Listen, don't just wait to talk

Men are often criticized for not listening to women. But admit it, women aren't very good at listening either. In fact, couples who show empathy towards each other get a chance to be together more in the long run. Being a better listener is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Let your partner feel that you are listening as they talk about their feelings. Don't interrupt.

9- The question you will ask every day

"How was your day darling?" Yes, it may sound like a cliché, but when this ritual is not used, your marriage starts to sound the alarm. A little conversation each evening strengthens your relationship. People who share their positive developments with each other feel better the next day.

10- Do not lose control after a fight

There is no need to panic or run to marriage counselor if you have a cold. Being uncomfortable with each other shows that your relationship is healthy and the bond between you is not broken. It means you are comfortable expressing yourself. Relationships that are too close and without conflict can also cause discomfort. Fighting every now and then is good for your relationship.