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Curious About Vaginismus


"Sexual Therapist Dr. Şenay Eserdağ told us about the problem of "Vaginismus", which is quite common in our society and all over the world, but is ignored and not talked about."

Vaginismus is one of the most common sexual problems in our country. As a result of the contractions that develop as a result of anxiety about sexual intercourse, intercourse may become impossible, and sometimes it is difficult and painful.

What is vaginismus?

Although there is no problem in foreplay in sexual intercourse, vaginismus is the inability to achieve intercourse as a result of involuntary contraction of the woman when the moment of intercourse comes. Contraction can be observed not only in the vaginal muscles, but also in the whole body, up to the neck muscles. In these unconscious, reflex contractions, the woman tries to prevent the union by pushing her partner.

Are sexual reluctance and vaginismus different conditions?

In the problem of sexual reluctance, there is a situation of avoiding all kinds of sexual activities, while in vaginismus, sexual desire is normal, the problem is only in sexual intercourse. Many couples enjoy foreplay and satisfy each other in different ways.

Is vaginismus the only reason for not having sexual intercourse in women?

Vaginismus is the most common cause of inability to have sexual intercourse in women. Problems such as abnormal structures of the hymen, sexual reluctance, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation can also cause the problem of inability to have sexual intercourse.

How is the diagnosis made in vaginismus?

The definitive diagnosis of vaginismus can be made with the patient's history and a simple gynecological evaluation. Women who have this problem should be treated very sensitively in the examinations to be made. In this problem caused by pain phobia, examinations should be done painlessly and without using a tool. After the evaluation, it is determined whether there is a problem in the anatomical structure of the patient and the degree and level of vaginismus are determined and the treatment to be applied is decided.

Is it possible to treat vaginismus?

Vaginismus is in the first place in terms of the reasons for consulting a doctor among sexual problems in women. This problem can be solved in 3 days with scientific methods and intensified sexual therapies taken every day. In treatments, results can be obtained without finger exercises that patients are usually afraid of doing. The most important factor in treatment is that the woman really wants to get rid of this problem and is in harmony with her therapist for a solution. The most common mistake couples who have this problem make is to think that they can get rid of this problem on their own and leave the solution to time. It is not an appropriate approach to live with this problem despite the passing of years, to put off a problem that can be solved and become chronic, and to wear out the woman herself and her relationship. It is possible to get rid of the vaginismus problem in a short time and definitively with experienced therapists.