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9 things you can do to make sex last longer


There are some things in life that need to happen quickly, but sex is not one of them.

 It takes some time to have sexual intercourse, in which both parties eventually part with pleasure. We've compiled some tips for you if you suffer from short sex drive.

 Here are 9 things you can do to make sex last longer...

Have it hang out at lower arousal levels

When men are on high arousal levels, they may not last very long. That's why it's important to stick with slow movements for long periods of time at low arousal levels to keep the penetration time long.

Take uninterrupted time

Of course, we are not saying that you should add it to your calendar, make a weekly plan. But between your meetings, between children's sleep, etc. Doing it just for the sake of doing it in a short time will negatively affect your performance. Spend ample time on sex for enjoyment and nothing else on your mind in the meantime.

Practice breathing techniques

Breathing allows energy to flow through the body in such a way that it takes the intensity of the sensations in the lower body and works it through the rest of the body. Breathing supports the whole body for orgasm. You can try circular breathing and myrocosmic orbital breathing, which are the most common breathing techniques in tantra.

Remember that sex isn't just about penetration.

Everyone has a different definition of what sex means to them. Especially in this context, it's important to keep in mind that sex doesn't just mean full penetration. Lots of foreplay, kissing, massage etc. may contain. Warming up increases your chances of orgasm, and in this way, penetration is pleasant, even if it takes a few minutes. Plus, pro tip: It doesn't have to end just because one of you has an orgasm.

focus on the other side

If things are getting too hot and heavy, take a step back and focus on your partner's pleasure. When you're very close to orgasm, stop what you're doing and relax a little and start again. This will be training for the future in order to extend the working time.

masturbate 1-2 hours ago

Having satisfied yourself 1-2 hours before sexual intercourse will allow you to act less hastily during sexual intercourse. This time you will want to enjoy every moment as it reduces your appetite a little bit.

Do a second round

Many men feel less tenderness during the second erection. So roll up your sleeves for a second round. Take advantage of this after waiting a few minutes.

try new things

Following the same routine around the same few positions can cause the sex to end quickly, as it makes things a bit predictable. New positions, conversations, anything distracting can be helpful to extend the time.

Do Kegel exercises, yoga and pilates

All these exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which helps them control orgasmic spasms. All three exercises work for both men and women.