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Tales for children before bed



Children are the heartbreaks, the joys of the liver, our joy from their joy

 and our sorrow from their sadness, we always strive to see them happy, and we always fulfill their desires and requests, their laughter fills us with our worldly, and their conversations send us pleasure, and when we go with them to bed, they ask us to reduce They have a bedtime story; That is why we will present to you in this article an interesting and interesting story, which the young people love very much, which suits their age and age. The story of Laila and the Wolf Laila is a beautiful and energetic little girl, who obeys her mother in everything she asks for her. Therefore, her mother loves her very much, and all people love her too. Because she is so smart and kind. One day, Laila's mother brought the cake and asked Laila to take it to her old grandmother in the woods.

And Laila said, "Mama, obedience and obedience."

She took the cakes from her mother, and she went to the forest, and Laila was overjoyed and pleased; Because she will visit her grandmother, who has not seen her for a long time, and she was dancing and singing while on the road, and while she was in the middle of the road, the wolf heard a sound in the forest, so he went to explore it, and found Laila, and the wolf said to her: "Where are you going?" And Laila said: "I am going." To my grandmother's house which is at the end of the woods, the wolf said to her: “And when do you go there?” Laila said: “To give her the cakes that my mother had prepared for her.” So the wolf thought quickly, and decided to precede Laila to her grandmother’s house, so he took a shortened path, and reached To Laila's grandmother's house before Laila's arrival, the door knocked, and the grandmother's weak voice came from inside: “Who is at the door?” So the wolf softened his voice, and said:

“I am Laila, grandma, I brought you cake,” she said to her:

“I cannot get up from the bed, my daughter, pull the rope that is next to the door, and by that you can open the door.” So the wolf opened the door, entered the house, and ate grandmother Laila, put on her clothes, and sat her place in the bed, and when Laila arrived at her grandmother’s house She knocked on the door, and the wolf imitated her grandmother's voice, and said to her: “Who is at the door?” Laila replied:

“I am Laila, grandmother. I brought you some cakes, which my mother made for you.” Then the wolf said - imitating the voice of the grandmother -: “I cannot get up, pull the rope next to the door.” Her grandmother's bed was amazed at how she looked. Laila said:

“Why are your eyes so big, grandma?” Said the wolf:

“So that I can see you well, Laila,” Laila said: “And when your ears are big, grandma,” then the wolf said: “Until I hear you well.” Laila said: “And why is your nose big?” So the wolf said:

“So that I can smell you well, Laila,” said Laila, “Why is your mouth big, grandma ?!” Then the wolf shouted loudly, and said:

Laila got up from the bed and attacked Laila wanting to eat it, so Laila screamed and ran, and the wolf running behind her wanted to devour her. With this a lot, she thanked the hunter for what she did, and said to the wolf:

"You deserve it because you are evil."