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The doctor and the old woman


The doctor and the old woman

Today we brought you a short, interesting and interesting story that contains a lot of lessons. Let's read it together, hoping that you 

will like it: 

The famous surgeon Ishan went out in a hurry to the airport to participate in the international scientific conference in which he will be honored for his unique achievements in the world of medicine, and suddenly After an hour of flight, it was announced that the plane had malfunctioned due to lightning, and that it would make an emergency landing at the nearest airport. He went to the airport information and said:

I'm a global doctor every minute equals lives, and you want me to stay 16 hours waiting for an airplane? The employee answered: Doctor, if you are in a hurry, you can rent a car and go with it, so your trip is only 3 hours away by car.

Ishan was reluctantly satisfied and took the car and kept driving, and suddenly the weather changed and the rain began to pour down and it became difficult to see anything in front of him and he kept walking and after two hours he realized that he had lost his way and felt hungry and tired.

He saw a small house in front of him, so he stopped there and knocked the door, and he heard an old woman's voice saying: Please come in, whoever you are, the door is open. He entered and asked the disabled old woman to use the phone.

The old woman laughed and said:

Which phone, son? Do not you see where you are?

Here, there is no electricity or phones, but you can relax and pour yourself a cup of hot tea and there is food on the table, all until you are satiated and recover your strength.

Ishan thanked the woman and sat eating while the old woman was praying and praying, and suddenly he noticed a small child was sleeping motionless on a bed near the old woman as she waved him between every prayer and prayer. The old woman kept praying and praying for a long time, so Ishan directed her, saying: Oh, mother .... by God, I have been ashamed by your generosity and the nobility of your morals and may God respond to all your prayers. The old woman said to him:

My children, as for you, are you a son of Sabil, may God command you, and as for my prayers, God, may He be glorified and exalted, has answered them all except for one, Ishan said to her:

What is that call, Mama?

The old woman said:

This child that you see my grandson is an orphan of parents and has suffered an incurable disease that all our doctors have failed to do, and I was told that one surgeon is able to treat him, he is called Ishan, but he lives far from here and I have no power to take this child there and I fear that God will take his trust and this poor will remain without Powerless, I called God to facilitate my affairs. Ishan cried and said:

O Mother, your supplication, by God, has disrupted the planes, and the thunderbolts struck and rained the sky, in order to lead me to a market. By God, I have realized that God Almighty causes the reasons for His believers in supplication .. Glory be to you, what is the greatest of you and what honored you, O God