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The story of Osiris



The story of Osiris

The story of Osiris is one of the ancient myths that came to us from ancient Egypt, and it has more than one 

source and details, but its main events and characters are similar, and it talks about the forces of good and evil, the relationships of true love and jealousy and his heinous deeds, and the most important characters of this myth are Osiris, his brother Set, and his wife Isis And his son Horus.

Osiris was a just king who ruled Egypt, and his people loved him dearly. Because he was a lover of good, and because he taught his people agriculture and love of goodness, and spread justice and decent living during his reign, and his headquarters was in Lower Egypt, which aroused the jealousy of his brother Set, and planted hatred in his heart, and ignited the desire to get rid of it in any way to lead the ruling in his place, so he thought With a plot to kill his brother and take the throne of ruling Egypt.

He prepared six golden coffins studded with diamonds exactly the size of Osiris, and prepared a large feast in which he invited many people, and deluded them that he prepared this coffin to give it to anyone who fits his size. With the help of his aides, he tied him, and threw him into the Nile River, so Osiris drowned, and Set took power in his place. The wife of Osiris, Isis, was not satisfied with the fate of her husband, and she did not stand idly by to let her husband drown, but searched for the golden coffin until she found it on Mount Byblos, but she found her husband's body before her, and cut it into fourteen pieces.

And in some narratives, sixteen pieces, and he separated the pieces, and put each piece in a place so that Isis could not find it, but she was able to collect all the pieces and body parts of her husband, and she used magic to return the soul to her husband for a short time, and she carried him from her son Horus using magic as well. It was difficult for Osiris to live his previous life, so he lived as king on the kingdom of the dead. Isis hid in the jungles of the Delta and stayed out of sight until the period of her pregnancy ended and she gave birth to her son Horus, and she raised him in secret with the help of strength until he grew up and became a strong man.

Then she returned to the valley at Set until she demanded the restoration of the throne of Osiris, which had become the right of his son Horus in law, and many battles took place between Horus and Set because of the throne, and ended with the victory of Horus with the help of the forces. The legend ended with the trial of the powers of Set, condemning him for his despicable deeds, and granted the throne of rule to his legitimate heir Horus, while Six became ruler of the desert, and Osiris remained ruler in the kingdom of the dead for his refusal to return to Earth due to the spread of evil in it.