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The story of Juha and the donkey


The story of Juha and the donkey

The story of Juha and the donkey Juha wanted to buy a donkey, so he went to the market, stopped at a donkey he liked, and told its owner after an argument over the price:

This is all I have now, so either you sell me the donkey or I go away. Finally, the man agreed, and Juha walked dragging the donkey behind him. Two of the chicks saw him, and they agreed to steal the donkey. With the rope, all of that and Juha did not feel what was going on. The thief walked behind Juha while the other thief was with a donkey, and passers-by people saw that and marveled at this sight and laughed, and Juha marveled at himself and said:

Perhaps their astonishment and laughter was due to their admiration for my donkey. When Juha arrived at the house, he turned behind him to the donkey and saw the man, the rope in his neck. He was astonished at his command and said to him:

who are you? The thief stopped crying and began to wipe his tears, saying:

Sir, I am an ignorant man. My mother pissed off. Juha said, then what? The thief said: So my mother called on me and asked God to cause me a donkey, and God answered her prayer, and when my older brother saw that, he wanted to get rid of me, so he offered me in the market for sale and I came to buy me and with your blessing and with your curiosity I returned a person as I was, and the thief took the hand of Juha, praying with gratitude. To advise him to obey his mother and to ask her for forgiveness and prayers ... !! The next day, Juha went to the market to buy a donkey, and he saw the donkey itself and recognized it. Juha approached the donkey and whispered in his ear, saying:

It appears that you did not hear what I said, and your mother made me angry again, and God will never buy you. The story of Hajjah, the donkey and his son One day, Juha and his son were packing their belongings in preparation to travel to the neighboring city, so they rode on the donkey's back to start their journey, and on the way they passed a small village and the people started looking at them with strange looks and saying:

“Look at these cruel men, they all ride on the back of the donkey, and they do not have compassion on it.” When they were about to reach the second village, the son came down from the donkey and walked on his feet so that the people of this village did not say about them as they were told in the village before it. When they entered the village, people saw them And they said:

“Look at this unjust father letting his son walk on his feet while he is resting on his donkey.” When they were about to reach the village after which Juha came down from the donkey and said to his son, “Ride you on the donkey.” When they entered the village, people saw them and said:

“Look at this disobedient son letting his father walk on the ground while he is resting on the donkey.” So Juha became angry about this matter and decided to go down with his son from the donkey so that people would not have authority over them.

“Look at these idiots walking on their feet and bothering themselves and leaving the donkey behind to walk alone.” When they arrived, they sold the donkey. The story of Juha and the donkeys Juha bought ten donkeys and rode one of them and drove nine in front of him, then he counted the donkeys and forgot the donkey that he was riding, and found them nine. Better to win a donkey than to ride and a donkey goes from me, and he walked behind the donkey until he reached his home