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How Many Months of Pregnancy Can You Have Sex?


"The subject of sexuality is a very sensitive issue in pregnancy. In order not to harm the baby in the mother's womb during sexual intercourse, it has often been a matter of curiosity between the couples until the month of pregnancy. Here is the answer to which month and in which situations sexual intercourse can be entered during pregnancy..."

Generally, there is a perception that sexual intercourse should be avoided during pregnancy. However, this perception is not valid in every pregnancy. So, in which cases can sexual intercourse be performed during pregnancy, and in which cases should it be avoided? Until what month of pregnancy can you have intercourse? Here are the questions about sexual intercourse during pregnancy…

Until what month of pregnancy can you have intercourse?

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Kağan Kocatepe explains sexual intercourse during pregnancy as follows;

Having sexual intercourse in the first 3 months of pregnancy is usually prohibited by the doctor to eliminate the risk of miscarriage. The first three months are the months when pregnancy symptoms are intense and sexual pleasure is naturally delayed. During these months, there is usually a decrease in sexual desire, and in a very small number of women, an increase in sexual desire is observed.

Except for the first three months of pregnancy, sexuality can be experienced in positions where the expectant mother is comfortable until the last month of pregnancy. Contrary to what is known in the society, it is healthy for both you and your baby to protect your sensual and sexual contact with your partner during pregnancy.

In which situations is intercourse not allowed during pregnancy?

We can summarize the situations in which sexuality should be interrupted during pregnancy as follows:

Pregnant women who have experienced recurrent miscarriage, premature birth, cervical insufficiency and related premature birth or miscarriage in their previous pregnancies,

Expectant mothers who have abnormal conditions such as threat of miscarriage, premature birth threat, early water coming, vaginal bleeding, infection in the genital area in their current pregnancy should not have sexual intercourse until this abnormal situation completely disappears.

Which positions should be avoided during sexual intercourse during pregnancy?

During orgasm, short-term contractions usually occur in the uterus. Especially towards the end of pregnancy, these contractions, which can be felt more easily by the expectant mother during sexual intercourse, are more easily felt by the mothers who have given birth before. However, these contractions do not have the quality and severity to initiate preterm labor.

Since intense nipple stimulation is also a factor that can initiate contractions, expectant mothers who feel severe contractions in nipple stimulation during sexual intercourse and/or are at high risk of giving birth should also avoid this action.